Rat Man: A Case of Obsessional Neurosis

Wednesday 25 – Friday 28 November, 2008
Saturday 29 November, 2008 – extended 9 hour performance
Venue: The House
Time: 8pm

This performance is the culmination of a four-term project, which started in October, 2007.


It’s a hybrid of various media, including installation, extended voice composition, acting, discourses and readings. It’s a kaleidoscope of things that took place within the Rat Man’s analysis with Freud – his experiences, thoughts, memories, dreams and fantasies. It’s also the response of the performers themselves to that material.


You will hear about the Rat Man’s dreams, but you will also hear the dreams of the performers. You will observe the Rat Man’s obsessions and compulsions, but also the obsessions and compulsions that the performers have created in response.


In other words it’s the record of an encounter, not a dramatisation of events.



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