Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles – the greatest of all Greek Tragedies – in a new adaptation by Richard Spaul.

Thebes is under a curse. Disease and death haunt the city. King Laius has been murdered and his killer as yet remains uncaught. His successor, King Oedipus, swears he will solve the mystery, but finds to his growing horror that all the evidence points to himself. And much worse is to come.

With the advent of Freud, the Oedipal triangle became the blueprint for the tragic psychic trap from which humanity endeavours in vain to extricate itself.

All performances will take place at The Leper Chapel, one of the oldest and most atmospheric buildings in Cambridge, creating an ideal site for this powerful drama of corruption, ostracism and social cleansing.

in situ:, Cambridge’s leading experimental theatre company, in a new and vibrant adaptation of Sophocles’ classic play, performs inside, outside and all around this remarkable building.


in situ: revived Oedipus Rex for a week-long run in 2008.






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