Environmental Theatre Workshops

About Theatre & Landscape

Environmental theatre workshops with in situ:Theatre & Landscape is devoted to the exploration of environmental or site-specific theatre. We visit woods, moors, ancient monuments, islands, beaches, castles, , sometimes creating performances in those environments (although never for an outside audience Рthe only spectators are the other participants). At other times our visits provide a stimulus for creating theatre back at our base.

As well as acting, there are opportunities for writing, painting, group-devising, movement, voice work, and installation-making. Rather than teaching a particular discipline or technique, we aim to bring out the artist in people and provide structures and stimuli to allow people’s artistic powers and interests to develop. Previous experience is not necessary, but a willingness to plunge whole-heartedly into collaborative work is essential.

Theatre & Landscape attracts artists of all levels of experience and in any medium (dancers, writers, musicians, painters, actors, singers) and people in any walk of life, who enjoy collaborative and creative work, whether they think of themselves as artists or not.

The work is varied – ranging from warm-ups, exercises and excursions with the whole group (8-10 people), to work in small groups, pairs and solos.

To book your place, call us on 01223 211451.